Waterville Valley


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Waterville Valley is a year-round resort community located in the heart of the White Mountain National Forest. In winter, Valley life is centred on the ski slopes of Mt. Tecumseh and Waterville Valley's vibrant ski resort two miles away as well as the cross-country skiing in the national forest.

The ski resort itself is centred on the Town Square at the centre of the Waterville Valley Village. Overlooking Corcoran's Pond and surrounded by some of New Hampshire's most beautiful mountains, Town Square is designed to have all amenities within a few steps of car parks or accommodation. A regular shuttle bus links it to the ski slopes.

First settled in the 1760's, Waterville Valley has long been a popular New Hampshire resort area. Incorporated in 1829 as Waterville, it was a thriving town, but lost population over the years and then lost land when the White Mountain National Forest was established. However the area has been in renaissance for decades now thanks to its year round resort status and its convenient location as the first major ski area on the drive north from the metropolitan areas of Boston and the south.

The ski area was founded by successful 1950s and '60s US Olympic ski racer Tom Corcoran and built its early reputation as a race hill and world cup venue before maturing in to a resort which comprehensively caters for all ability levels.


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