Mont Orford


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  • 54 Tracks
  • 18 Beginner
  • 13 Intermediate
  • 8 Difficult
  • 15 Expert

Mont Orford is located in the beautiful Eastern Township region of Quebec, close to the US border. One of the first important ski areas in Canada, it evolved slowly until the mid 1980s where some major developments were completed. At that time the main face of the mountain changed completely, with a brand new side added.

Today only the Mt Alfred Desrochers sector remains quiet. In 2003 another major change occured when old double chairs on the main mountain were replaced by a new hybrid high speed lift to reach the summit from the base lodge in justt four and a half minutes. The lift, which includes alternating gondola cabins and six-seater chairs, is the first of its type in North America.


  • Accomodation
  • Day Care
  • Five-Star Dining
  • Grooming
  • Snowmaking
  • Terrain Park
  • Wi Fi