Crotched Mountain


  • 17 Tracks
  • 0 Beginner
  • 5 Intermediate
  • 7 Difficult
  • 5 Expert

Crotched Mountain skis like a big mountain, with more fun per hour and less crowds. 100 acres of impeccably groomed terrain, tree glades, and challenging steeps catering to a variety of experience levels. Home to the Rocket and Midnight Madness making Crotched Mountain the only ski area on the east coast that allows you for skiing & snowboard 'til 3am! ​


With 100% snowmaking, Crotched is indeed among the ski resorts in the US that can boast the largest per acre production capacities. Over 100 Fan gun snow machines are connected by a network large underground electrical wire and over 3,800 feet of 12" and 8" pipe. This system allows us to pump a capacity of 200 gallons per minute per acre or over 6,000 gallons of water per minute on our slopes. This is 20 tons per minute or 1,250 tons per hour. Or stated another way, a truckload every minute. Along with these advantages, it is believed that Fan Gun snow provides a better skiing snow. A man-made snow that has a lower water content that translates into a softer snow with less hard pack conditions.

Regarding energy efficiency, we can lay claim to being among the best. These efficiencies are due to the fact we operate with 100% Fan guns that no one else can claim in New England. Fan guns do not have to operate with expensive and inefficient diesel generators to pump high-pressure air in a network of pipes all over the mountain. Complementing the efficiency of this system in the Fall of 2015, two-thirds of our electric use is now sourced locally from renewable energy.


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