Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort


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Celebrating 79 Years
Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort celebrates 79 years of providing skiing enjoyment to the people of the communities of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding areas (Snowboarding came in 1995/1996). Chicopee is proud to be one of Ontario’s most popular ski & snowboard family centres. Since 1934, Chicopee has been a beacon for snow enthusiasts of all ages. Don’t miss out on all that Chicopee has to offer; from our respected learn to ski and snowboard “Discover” programs to our fantastic racing teams; our convenient and professional Tech Lab to our wonderful après ski in the Silvertip Lounge.
The Chicopee Ski Club
The Chicopee Ski Club is incorporated as a non-profit entity owned by its members and expertly managed by the Executive Director and Senior Management team. Chicopee leases the lands we operate on from the Grand River Conservation Authority. All facilities, lifts, equipment etc. on the land are wholly owned by the Club. An elected Board of Directors of ten volunteer members represent the membership as a governance board and assist in providing support to the organization. An enthusiastic team of employees conducts all of Chicopee’s daily operations – 17 full time year–round and 400+ seasonal and part-time employees.
Chicopee, like all businesses, must ensure its long term sustainability. Although the facility is closely associated with its surrounding communities, it is not supported through any tax dollars. Chicopee contributes $5 million+ through employment, etc. into the local economy. Through viable business operations; excess revenues are reinvested in the Club to improve its products and services for the benefit of users from throughout the region. This financial sustainability is critical to Chicopee’s existence now and in the future.


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