Big Boulder


  • 28 Tracks
  • 0 Beginner
  • 4 Intermediate
  • 9 Difficult
  • 15 Expert

Pennsylvania's first Commercial Ski area opened more than 60 years ago by Big Boulder Lake. Lift tickets are also valid at neighbouring Jack Frost ski area and the two areas are now under joint management and operated as one entity Jack Frost Big Boulder. One of the world's best snow tubing hills with over a dozen runs served by five lifts. The idea for snowmaking came from an article reported on December 22, 1950 describing the story of the Tropeano brothers from Lexington, Massachusetts who made snow using an experimental portable irrigation system. Another report dated December 14, 1950 states that a Mr. Wayne Pierce of Milford Connecticut filed the first patent application for the making of snow by blowing water through a nozzle. These two events lead to further investigation of snowmaking at both Mohawk Mountain in Connecticut and Big Boulder Mountain in Pennsylvania.